The 2016 SACRED: Homelands festival of performance is produced by Francis Alexander, who directed the SACRED seasons of live art at Chelsea Theatre 2006-2015; and curated by Nikki Milican, former Artistic Director of New Territories and the National Review of Live Art.

venue: Toynbee Studios, London

“Sacred: that which is sacred (to me and possibly to you); I am against the profane and mundane but hold dear to that which should be venerated. Sacred can be what one holds dear in terms of artistic practice. Sacred is what artists can hold dear in terms of their culture and socio-political landscape.

Without compromising fervent artistic expression there needs to be a place for healing and community in times of grave injustices and inequalities. It is an honour to present the first visits to London by international artistic voices telling stories that search for lost communities, languages and culture, a search for a homeland. A place where one is comfortable, safe…and at peace.”
– Nikki Milican OBE


SACRED:Homelands 2016 is also supported by  Green Rooms – the UK’s first arts hotel, a social enterprise that offers affordable accommodation aimed at people working in the arts.


We are grateful to cultural and governmental agencies for their support of artists to enable them to present their work in London including: Québec Government Office, London, Canada Council for the Arts, CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec), the Government of Flanders, Creative New Zealand.