Due to insurmountable technical difficulties the performance has been cancelled.

The company will give an illustrated talk about its Total Theatre Award-winning Bonanza and its work in relation to the Festival’s theme – Sacred:homelands on Friday evening.


Once upon a time there was a little town, the smallest in Colorado [USA], with five friendly houses and the Rocky Mountains lying at their feet. Snow covers the streets in wintertime, the Kerber Creek runs through the village and if you look long enough you can even see the elves.

Bonanza is a unique cinematic portrait of a desolate mining town. Once there were 6000 inhabitants catered for by 36 saloons, seven dance halls and an immense number of prostitutes. Their motto was: get in, get rich, get out.

Now there are only seven permanent residents, immersed in their own spirituality, living on a hotbed of accusations, gossip, murder and fear.

Bonanza is a microcosm of the world, the residents claim. Berlin portrays this world-in-miniature on a scale model [7m x 3m] of the town and five film screens.

“A film construction that is perfectly synchronised yet still retains a loose feel. Berlin surveys the world via the city and the city via its inhabitants.” – De Morgen

Performers Yves Degryse and Caroline Rochlitz and lighting designer/video maker Bart Baele make work with no commitment to a particular genre, but venture into the documentary realm and let the site where each foray took them guide their inspiration.

Co-production: STUK (Leuven), KVS (Brussel) and Vooruit (Gent).
With the support from: Vlaams Audiovisual Fonds; Flanders Image; Stad Antwerpen


access to the illustrated talk by day ticket: Friday 25 November, 20.45 (1 hour)